Beautify your Make Up Dresser

I was exploring a bit on the options on how to change the look of my dresser. I want to give more feminine, tidy look and at the same time it should look pretty.

I shortlisted some options and wanted to share with you. If you are also looking to set up your dresser then may be it will be a help.

27756-Makeup-Dresser - Copy


A dresser with a self mirror is quite convenient and this white dresser here just enhances the colour of the things kept on it. There is so much scope to work on the display of stuff here well cordinated with rest of the elements in the room.

Photo from here






If you just have a table then don’t feel disappointed  as you have your own choice for a lovely mirror. A carved mirror like here in the photo or a simple glass mirror for a more sophisticated look.

Pastel decorative things imparts a soft feminine touch to the look as seen here.

Photo from here 




If you have space constraints. Then this dresser is a good option.

Check out the site here. The stool is also a storage box, so you have good space to stuff all your make up and skin care essentials.







Organize your things on a tray and it gives more character to the dresser.

Photo from here






A small table top mirror for close up look will be useful and if its this pretty which girl will say no to this option. :)

You can check out the site here for ordering. I just bumped across this site hence sharing with you guys. But if you have a different option then go ahead.






I love the concept of having a tray to organize the things as it effortlessly gives a lovely look.

Like here I love this white tray to keep the brushes and lip balms.

Photo from here 


pinterest2- vanity tray 2 A simple straight line tray gives more of a sophisticated look. Silver and fuchsia combination is becoming my favourite for the posh look.

Photo from here





Here is another look if you want to try a Gold rimmed mirror tray.

Photo from here



And not to forget the most essential accessories are the boxes to keep your tiny make up bits. Check out Container store for all sort of requirements. (They ship worldwide; just change your location before ordering)










Since these are transparent acrylic material; they go with almost any look. Quite useful to have these.











Hope this was useful. Enjoy!

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whats in the bag

IMG_4343 copy



It is always exciting to see what women carry in their bags. I have been thinking of doing a post myself of the things what i usually carry around. But at the moment i will keep it on hold and have gotten you the list of things that i carry in my survival make up pouch.

From the left-

I use lot of Kohl instead of eyeliner, so you can see the Kohl pencil from Lakme – it is from the Eyeconic range.

Mascara- Is also from the Eyeconic Range, and i find this one very easy to apply and has a great effect.

Lakme Complexion Care Cream- This is a tinted moisturizer, which gives a soft finished base. I have a dry skin so this works very good for me.

M&S Cocoa Butter Hand & Nail cream-  with the season change the hands need little pampering as we keep them washing all day. So i carry this hand and nail cream which is pretty good to sustain for the day.

MAC I M Passioned- Bright pink brighten up any look.

Rimmel Blush – Keeping little blush handy for surprise evening outings.

Bobby Pins & Hair Tie- I always keep some pins and a hair tie for emergency purpose. You never know when you end up needing one.

Eau De Toilette- From H&M. This is a perfume roll on which; handy to carry around and convinient to keep dabbing on for a fresh feeling.

Hermes perfume sample- I love the perfume samples – easy to carry around in the purse for any special occassion.

Nivea Lip Balm- Tinted lip balm for subtle look in the day time.

And i carry few accessories like the ring and the earrings to add an informal touch to the day outfit. Small handy pieces come in use often.


What do you carry in your make up pouches…i would love to see them.





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The moon song


Beautiful romantic song…..i just cannot put this track off repeat..the lyric is as beautiful…so honestly pure…those simple words has so much it goes.. i hope you like it too…





I’m lying on the moon

My dear, I’ll be there soon
It’s a quiet and starry place
Time’s we’re swallowed up
In space we’re here a million miles away

There’s things I wish I knew
There’s no thing I’d keep from you
It’s a dark and shiny place
But with you my dear
I’m safe and we’re a million miles away

We’re lying on the moon
It’s a perfect afternoon

Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I’m
Okay and we’re a million miles away


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A word of Substance

I have been thinking of posting about this blog by Alice- A WORD OF SUBSTANCE for a while now.
But was somehow delayed.

Alice has a great flare for writing and interestingly she writes on objects we see everyday- from a hard disk to an USB cable etc. And its great to see how she puts her thought behind such objects giving a very wonderful meaning to the object.

She has written on one of my Pictures which was published sometime back – here and the subject is THE BALLOON.

Small portion of the article-

“People used to think I was light and airy. They thought I would end up stuck in a crowded room full of people trying to have a good time night after night until I eventually deflated. They never knew I had ambitions. I wanted to make it to the top. I wanted to be more than just a fluttering socialite who was made to look pretty.

One afternoon when I was walked across the street, I fell in love with the sky. He was such an ocean of curiosity and independence. Unlike the ceilings I kept bumping up against, he was something different. He was mysterious and somewhat blue which made him all the more fascinating to somebody like me…….”

You can check out the complete post here.


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Modern Nursery Ideas

Recently  while browsing the internet for ideas for nursery, I stumbled across some interesting looks which are fun and modern. Wall arts are great feature to add.

Some interesting colour combinations you must have thought of (if you are expecting and wondering how to do go about the nursery) but not sure how to use them, so I have rounded up some for you.


This subtle galaxy design crib set is available at Dwell Studio .

And i love the globe mobile hangings.


The yellow & grey can also look great together. Retro abstract prints can be an option too.


Nursery-filled-with-modern-trends (1)

Subtle pastel colours always comes to our mind when we think of new born’s room. But blue and pink together can never be thought of. Here so interestingly both the colours have been used. Whether its a baby boy or baby girl..this decor goes perfectly well.


Wall arts are great to add as it imparts a different touch to the decor. Domino has some great wall arts to offer but they ship only in US. But you can always check their collection to get an idea.

Below the dragonfly wallpaper has become my favourite. With the art frames and abstract rug retro has been achieved.



Brilliant use of Orange with black and white.


Pops of orange and yellow coupled with striking blue background.

Red-Roman-shades-and-rug-in-the-nursery-keep-the-space-elegant-simple-and-lively Subtle-pops-of-red-are-both-bright-and-interesting

The blue and red colour – Dark colours for nursery?? Sure?? Even I thought the same before but after seeing these ideas it changed my perception. In fact I like this more than the rest.


Another subtle colour for baby boy. Great idea how Patterned wall paper on one wall can be combined with the other wall with an wall art.


Some fun elements to keep in the nursery.

Photos from

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Doll up your Dining Room

I am keen in sharing this post as lately I have been intimidated by long  tables used in the dining area.

Just creatively work on the surroundings and you can end up with amazing look with your plain table.Work with different finish and different decor pieces and see the change. Long tables are apt for any look might it be rustic look, sophisticated or even bohemian.

Here goes some of my favourite looks- (1)

Bohemian dining set up with colourful chair seats and crafty hanging lampshades.

And I love the decor piece in the center. Old vintage books piled up and displayed in an artistic way.

Artistic setting – transparent chairs added to impart a spacious look. Smart idea for small spaces.

And the nice upholstered chair just gives a tasteful look with the simple wooden table.

Sophisticate dining set up with marble top , beautiful flowers and elegant lighting.


Photo 18_Nikki's House Tour_IMG_5285


Cosy set up with beautiful carved chairs and handmade shade.

The stripes and the colours just enhances the look.

Rustic look for a countryside home.

Pretty table set up even to enjoy food in your backyard. The old table is so nicely used, with the paints coming off it just adds  character to the whole dining set up. and the Chairs of course enhances the look more. So if you have an old table think twice before throwing it away!!


enjoy !!

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