The Story



I love this track by Brandi Carlile- The Story. Its like a story of everybody.

Live your story with a smile…



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Gift for your love


This Valentines you can give personal touch to the present by a very easy DIY.  You need very little time to make your own special gift wrapper.

All you need is-
Brown Paper (You can use any paper as per your choice)


Step1- Use the potato for stamping. You must be thinking how to cut this potato in a shape. But it is very easy to get a simple shape. And as the occasion is Valentines here you see a simple heart shape cut out.

I went through some online tutorials to understand the way to cut the potato. Here you can watch a very easy tutorial.

Now cut the paper as per you gift size.
I marked the sheet with 1 inch lines diagonally. So that you can easily make the placement of the motif equally.


Then take your potato stamp and put some paint on it with a brush, make an impression on a paper before actually stamping on the wrapper- to make sure the motif is leaving proper mark. Also before using the potato stamp blot the potato before printing with a tissue paper so that there is no excessive water, otherwise print will be little watery.


I placed the motif giving it a space. The lines drawn helps you to space out the motif uniformly.


Use a marker to make the arrow pattern.


This is how the pattern turns out. Erase the pencil lines once you are done.


You can also add your Valentine’s initials..


Make your own version of this to gift your valentine a special gift.


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dazzle up


Photo Source:  From Huffington Post (But edited to make it personalized)

I have been not been a makeup person in the past but lately have realised a little bit of makeup makes an impact in a good way. This new interest has lead me to go through various informative sites and blogs. I was always curious to know the essential brushes to have as I was so indecisive and without any knowledge as to what to buy when such a vast range of makeup brushes are available and of course how to use them.

Here I share with you the must have 5 make-up brushes I have come across. If you are a beginner like me then get these brushes and you will be sorted.

  • Face brush – for foundation
  • blending brush – for eyes
  • Small angled brush for eyeliners (for smokiness) and for brows
  • Larger Shader brush- flat brush for applying products- paint pots, smoky techniques
  • Shorter Shader Brush- for smudging

Source: Huffington Post

Now that you have a some make-up stuff, displaying them in a tray will beautify your space and also will just keep you motivated to use them. Use your old emptied candle jars (i have a thing for containers so have always been keeping emptied candles and votives) – this will give a touch of class. Use old glassware and simple trays to display your sweet smelling perfumes. Old glass tumblers (if your glass sets are spoiled) are good way to utilise your favorite piece of glassware rather than shelving them in some corner of your house. Some ideas on trays- you can check out my post here


Photo from here 


Photo: From here

I realised that we spend a lot on these make-up brush but we do not take care of how to keep them clean so that they sustain for a long time. With every use we keep making them dirtier and dirtier. And a time comes where we just dump them away.

There are ways to clean them and keep these tools intact for long run. We just need to take care of these essential.

There are few cheap ways  to clean make-up brushes and these can be done at home! 

1. You can use bathing soap- Rub the brush against the soap bar and rinse with lukewarm water to wash off  dirt and then dry with a tissue. (Make sure you do not dip the barrel part of the brush, otherwise you bristles will loosen up and will fall out)

2. Liquid dish soap and dry sponge- here pour a drop of the liquid soap on the bristles of the brush and then gently rub it on the sponge.  Rinse with Lukewarm water and then leave it out to dry on a tissue.

3. Olive Oil- Simply dip your brushes in the oil and you will see the dirt coming out. Your bristles will be left softer and nicer.

These DIY tips were taken from here. 

Hope this post is helpful.

With the Valentine coming up I am sure you all out there are going to Dazzle up! No matter you have a Valentine or not. Be thankful of everything you have got as there are many out there in this world not as privileged as you. Enjoy and look best…its the inner beauty makeup is just a superficial add on…….


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All About That Bass


Catchy soundtrack..Love the styling too…hope you like it too…


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IMG_4353 IMG_4358 IMG_4357 IMG_4349

PARIS!!!  Most of you must be obsessed with Paris…and so I am too…I have been to Paris twice for few days. Always got fascinated by everything of  that city- people,art,culture, cafes,street,architecture….I could not resist when I came across this book ‘Almost Famous’ by Sarah Turnbull….have just started so I would not be give you my feedback on the book yet….Also when we talking about Paris…I would like to share this funny video with you all- ’10 ways to be Parisian with Caroline De Maigret’





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The world celebrated Thanksgiving Day recently. Even though in India we do not have a culture to celebrate thanksgiving Day; I would like to express my gratitude for the life I have got taking this opportunity.

Everyday while driving to work; passing by -seeing around I somehow tend to feel so much thankful for things I have got in life. Once my father told me something which my grandfather told to him when he was young- “always look at the people who are deprived rather than looking at people who are far well off than you (and thinking all the things you miss in life)” this will always keep a sense of gratitude alive in you for all the little things you have in life. Well don’t lose the sense of competitiveness in the whole process though; as to grow in life you need to have a healthy competitive feeling.

There are times when I tend to ignore those little goodness done by people around me; which I sincerely thank today and in future I look forward to have more positive thinking with right approach to appreciate things and people and goodness around.





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